Zenoss Core - Enterprise IT Monitoring

Zenoss Core is an enterprise network and systems management application written in Python/Zope. Zenoss provides an integrated product for monitoring availability, performance, events and configuration across layers and across platforms.

Download (256 mb)

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Sweet Home 3D - Free Interior Design Application

Sweet Home 3D is free software designed to draw the plan of a home, arrange furniture, and display the result in a 3D view. It's aimed at people who want to design their interior quickly. The user may:

* draw the walls of his rooms upon the image of an existing plan

* change the color or the texture of the walls, the floors, and the ceilings

* drag and drop doors, windows, and furniture onto the plan from a catalog

* organize by categories, and import user-created or downloaded 3D models

* change the size, orientation, and elevation of each piece of furniture

* view the changes in the plan simultaneously in the 3D view, either from an aerial view point, or from a virtual visitor view point

* draw dimensions, compute areas, and add text to the plan

* print the home plan and the 3D view or export them to a PDF file

* export the plan to SVG format, and the 3D view to OBJ format

* compute a photorealistic image from the 3D view and export it in PNG format

Sweet Home 3D and its help documentation are localized in 14 languages, and available at http://sourceforge.net/projects/sweethome3d and http://www.sweethome3d.eu/

Download Link :

Win 32 Installer (27.9 mb)
Mac OS X Installer (12 mb)
Linux Installer (45.6 mb)

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