ESET Offline Cumulative Update 4565 (20091102)

ESET Offline Cumulative Update 4565 (20091102) | 53 MB
for NOD32 v2.7 / NOD32 and ESS v3.0.x, v4.0.x

Update any ESET product from a local folder. This application installs the latest virus signature database updates into any location, including removable media (definitions are portable) and works on all Windows platforms (32/64 bits). The definitions can be used to update an ESET product locally, or ported to another computer. Username or password are not required on the target computer to update the product.

This application allows installing the latest virus signature database updates into a local directory or a directory on some removable media. Please note that this application does not make any change to the registry.
When running the application, users will be given the choice to install definitions for:

- either ESET NOD32 version 2.7, and/or
- any ESET product version 3.0x/4.0x (all editions)
Important: Those who would need both definitions sets can run the installer twice. They should then make sure they place the definitions into separate directories !

When installation has completed, the update source - referred to by ESET as 'update server' - should be properly set within the ESET configuration panel prior to updating the software (please refer to ESET Help file). The product can then be updated offline from that location.

How to configure your ESET product (assuming you installed the definitions into C:\Update)
* For ESET NOD 32 3.x/4.x

- Go to Control Center, Update modules, NOD 32 Update
- Click Servers, add C:\Update as new server and click accept/ok
- Close all opened windows and Update ESET NOD 32 from tray icon

* For ESET Smart Security 3.x/4.x
- Toggle to display Advanced mode
- Go to Setup, choose Advanced setup
- Go to Update, right to the field 'Update server', click Edit
- Under Update servers, add C:\Update as new server, click Add and OK
- Close all opened windows and Update ESET Smart Security from tray icon

Download link: (53 MB)



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