Alchemist XML Integrated Development Environment Freeware Edition

Alchemist XML is an Advanced Integrated Development Environment that have many powerfull new innovative features. Alchemist XML IDE can handle XML, XSL, XSLT, XPath, SQL/XML, code generation, database to XML mapping and many other XML technologies.

If you are a programmer without any previous knowledge about xml you can use this tool too because it has many powerfull features to help you make RAD (Rapid Application Development) with ease. this XML Editor can help XML programmers who want to develop their own cartridges from a relational database and for Users who want to make RAD and elaborate their own cartridges to integrate them into an existing software development project.

below is list of principal features of Alchemist XML Integrated Development Environment according to its publisher description :

  • XPath expression evaluator

  • XPath generator

  • XSLT Editor

  • XSLT Completion proposal

  • XSLT debugger

  • XSL template library

  • XSL cartridge library

  • Native database connection

  • Connection manager

  • Project manager

  • Text output console

  • XML output console

  • HTML output console

  • Grid data output console

  • Generate PL/SQL code( DAO's). (Only Professional)

  • Generate Oracle database documentation. (Only Professional)

  • Generate PHP Web application for MySQL databases. (Only Professional)

  • Easily generate code for your Software development project based upon patterns.
    integrated patterns of software design like Intercepting filters, Composite views, Data Access Object (or DAO), Service locatosr, Business delegates, Composite entities, Session Facades, Front controllers and others

  • Generate code PHP, Java, Python, C #, Delphi, PL/SQL, Mozart among others.

  • Generate Data Access Objects (DAO)

  • Generate graphic interfaces in HTML for data access of the tables. The generated pages include options like filters on the listed records in the current view, searches, refreshing, paging, insert, select by record, delete by record, upgrade by record and massive delete

  • Mapper builder

  • Bulk generation. generate multiple cartridges at the same time. With this characteristic all the code pieces of the software development project can be generated in a single step.

  • Pascal script editor

  • Object inspector

  • Generate master-detail user graphic interfaces using multiple relationships among tables

  • Map a relational model to and from XML to an object oriented model.

  • Templates XML, XML SCHEMAS, XSL and XML database resource

  • Samples XML, XML SCHEMAS and XSL

  • Configurable general generation options

  • Configurable XSL generation options

  • Viewing/Editing XML

  • Viewing/Editing XML Schemas

  • Viewing/Editing XSL (Stylesheet Markup Language)

  • Use resource XML static (local file) with XSL (Stylesheet Markup Language)

  • Use XML metadata sentences resource directly over database (set SQL queries) with XSL (Stylesheet Markup Language)

  • Use resource XML from Internet with XSL (Stylesheet Markup Language)

  • Extract your own metadata directly from an on-line database

  • Customizable set queries of the XML metadata sentences resource

  • Customizable cartridges (XSL templates) for code generation

Supported databases

- MySQL 3.20 - 4.1- 5

- Oracle

Product Screenshots :

Mapping SQL to XML

XSLT Debugger

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