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VerificationEngine anti-phishing and identity assurance tool for Microsoft Windows offers an extremely simple way to differentiate legitimate web sites from fraudulent ones. Place your mouse cursor over a site logo. If it is authentic, a green border will appear around your browser. So if you really wish to be sure you are looking at the real site rather than a clever imitation created to steal your identity, install VerificationEngine now!

VerificationEngine Features :

Verification of web page content (brands/logos) with BrandVerify™

Verification of login boxes with SubmitVerify™ Y

Verification of SSL session and encryption endpoint with SSLVerifiy™

Protection against Phishing attacks

Protection against Pharming attacks with IPVerify™

Fully Automatic update system

Suitable for Internet users with Visual Disabilities

Suitable for Internet users with Hearing Disabilities

Self Protection attack avoidance system

Artificial Intelligence System - identifying copycat attempts

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