Spyware Browser 7.1

Spyware Browser 7.1 Anti spyware software remove spyware from your PC

If you see that you PC performs abnormal actions, such as adding strange tool bars and many pop-up windows in your browser, or if your main page changes without notification, then your PC is infected with a Spyware programs. This is a serious problem since these Spyware programmes invade your privacy, seriously damaging your PC and even your economy.

The Spyware programmes have the ability to install more programmes in your PC without your consent, to check out your activities on the Internet, to learn about the people you send e-mails to, to see your IMs. Hackers are constantly watching and catching your passwords, the applications you use and the websites you visit, as well as your personal information as your credit card numbers.

Spyware Browser allows you to discover the processes and Dlls which can damage and slow down your PC’s performance. Spyware Browser even allows you to discover those processes and system’s drivers hidden through the techniques of kernel methods (generally rootkits) You will be able to differentiate those processes digitally signed from those which are not, and you will also be able to remove or deactivate those processes you consider dangerous for your PC. With Spyware Browser, you will be also able to publish detailed reports of your PC so that other people can check them. Advanced users will be able to suggest classifications for the different objects, as well as to identify the type of object or infection. Once you have your report published, you will be able to surf through different objects to see other users’ reports, where these malicious objects are also present, and try find the programme or infection they belong to.

Homepage : http://www.spyware-browser.com
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Love Freeware

June 21, 2009 at 7:32 AM

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