Golden Phrases v1.0.3

Web access log analyzing tool for Windows 95/98/Me/NT/2000/XP/2003

Golden Phrases is an web server access log files analyzing utility specialized to analyze search phrases. It scan specified log files, retrieve all search phrases from them, gather the statistics of using the phrases, determine position of your site on search engines for every phrase and estimate the perspectivity of every phrase.

Main features:

  • Search phrases statistics - for each phrase you can see the number of visitors which find your site using this phrase. This is most common feature. Almost all log analyzers have such feature, even freeware tools - the Webalizer, or ClickTracks Analyzer for example.

  • Site position for phrases - more advanced feature, allows you to see the position of your site in search engines.

  • There is a lot of tools which also can determine the position. But this tools usually request the position directly from search engines and therefore require the connection to Internet, consume a lot of time and bandwidth.

  • Unlike such tools, Golden Phrases retrieve this information just from log files and therefore get result instantly and without additional cost. The main disadvantages of such method is less precision - you will see position of phrases rounded to length of search page.

  • Perspectivity of phrases - the unique feature of Golden Phrases, allow you to select the most perspective phrases for further optimization of your site.

Other features:

  • Supported search engines - Golden Phrases currently support only Google. But support of other search engines keep in mind while developing and can be easily added in the future.

  • Format of log files - Golden Phrases is absolutely independent from of a format of log files and can properly handle almost any log file. The main requirement is one referrer per line. It also understand the log files compressed by GZIP utility and handle them absolutely transparently for users.

  • High speed of processing - Golden Phrases can process more than 100 000 lines of log files per second on average system with 900MHz CPU.

  • Filters - Golden Phrases allow you to select phrases to see only containing or not containing specified text.

  • Search - Golden Phrases has search tool to quickly find phrase containing specified text.

  • Export to clipboard - Golden Phrases allow you to copy selected phrases into clipboard for further processing.

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