DreamCoder for PostgreSQL

DreamCoder for PostgreSQL

DreamCoder for PostgreSQL Description:

DreamCoder for PostgreSQL is a powerful Integrated Development Environment (IDE) for PostgreSQL Databases. With the intuitive DreamCoder's GUI you will increase your code quality and reduce the development process time.

DreamCoder for PostgreSQL works with all PostgreSQL Server versions from 8.0 to 8.1.4. DreamCoder for PostgreSQL enables you to easily build and execute queries, build and execute scripts, compile PL/pgSQL code, create and modify database objects, import and export data, enable user session and database monitor and more.

DreamCoder for PostgreSQL offers powerful visual tools for increase your productivity like a SQL editor, PL/pgSQL editor, master detail table browser, database structure synchronization parameter manager, SQL formatter, query builder, SQL history, session monitor and more.

Principal features :

  • Powerful SQL Editor

  • Powerful PL/pgSQL

  • Advanced Query Builder

  • SQL OutPut

  • SQL History

  • SQL Code formatter

  • Master detail Table browser

  • Parameter Manager

  • Database Session monitor

  • Project Manager

  • Template List

  • Compare User Objects

  • Database Export Manager

  • SQL Autocomplete

  • SQL Highlighter

  • Connection manager

  • Workgroup development

  • Rename object

  • Truncate table

  • Record count option

  • Object Navigator

System requirements:

DreamCoder for PostgreSQL will run on Windows 95, 98, NT4, 2000, 2003 and XP. The supported PostgreSQL Server versions 8 or higher.

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