YouTube Video Downloader and Media Control Center v4.9

TubeSucker - YouTube Video Downloader is the most powerful YouTube Video Downloader and Media Player System on the planet. It simply has more features than all the rest. (see feature list below). TubeSucker's Media Control Center, with its easy-to-use built-in media player, lets you do everything you would want with all of your media files in one easy-to-use seemless system. Everything you need is all right there in one application, which makes the whole process of downloading, viewing, and emailing videos seemless and fun. TubeSucker is loaded with too many features to even list, but it is the integration of all of those features into a single easy-to-use system that makes all the difference.

Features :

  • Manually download a single video at a time.

  • Includes an easy-to-use built-in media player that lets you watch videos, listen to music, and browse through pictures, and easily email the links or files to friends. Includes parental controls, a buit-in browser, and many cool and novel features, including the ability to save files to other formats like MP4 for IPOD and IPHONE, AVI for editing, MOV, MP3, and WAV.

Tube Sucker lets you batch download 1000's of videos of your favorite artist from It also includes a batch converter to convert files to the format of your choice.

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