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The free Windows Process Viewer lists all active Windows processes on your computer. The software displays the Windows file name, full folder path and file size for each Windows task in the active Windows processes list. If you click a process, the file checker connects to the online database for additional process information including the real name of the process and the name of the developer. Additionally, you see the default and expected folder path. So you can check if your process is the original Windows system process in the right folder or if it's a fake, trojan process. Often attacked Windows files are svchost.exe, lsass.exe, alg.exe, ctfmon.exe, csrss.exe, wmiprvse.exe, wisptis.exe and wuauclt.exe.'s Windows Process Viewer advantages over the Windows Task Manager: The freeware displays the full path name, the expected folder, the most understandable name of the process and the manufacturer.


  • doesn't require runtimes

  • doesn't require installation

  • doesn't write to the registry

  • doesn't modify files outside of its own directories

  • isn't adware

System requirements:

  • Windows Vista, XP, 2000, 2003, NT

  • only 0.3 MB free disk space

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