Foxit Reader for Windows Add-ons - Free Download

To give you a fast and full overview of add-ons in Foxit Reader, here we list all add-ons and their function description.

NOTE: To manually install a critical add-on, please extract it to the same directory where you install Foxit Reader.

Free Critical Add-ons in Foxit Reader

UI Language Package

The user interface of Foxit Reader now can be switched to over 30 languages dynamically such as French, German, Dutch, Italian, etc. You're able to choose your own language for UI by using " Language" feature in Foxit Reader.

Download Now (309KB)

JPEG2000/JBIG Decoder

This add-on module is for decoding images in JPEG2000 or JBIG2 formats. If you don't install this module, images in those formats can not be displayed.

Download Now (193KB)

Eastern Asian Language Support

This module is used for displaying Eastern Asian Language in a PDF file. Eastern Asian Language can't be displayed properly without it.

Download Now (1.25 MB)

GDI+ Module

This module is a redistributable one from Microsoft providing better display quality for graphics. You can still view the PDF file without this module, however in lower graphic quality. Installing this module will not affect any other applications on your system.

Download Now (906 KB)

JavaScript Support

This add-on is used to execute JavaScript in many interactive forms. If you don't install this add-on, although you still can fill in such forms, you wouldn't be able to perform some automated tasks like field value verification and recalculation.

Download Now (1.28 MB)

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